Bluetooth Hearing Aids App Control Hearing Aids Wireless Hearing Aids

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Bluetooth Hearing Aids App Control Hearing Aids Wireless Hearing Aids, Bluetooth enabled and controlled by smart phone with precision hearing match technology, be confident that your hearing device is giving you the accurate boost that you need, and features 100% digital sound processing for exceptional sound quality.


Unrivaled Display Performance

  • Intended for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
  • 4 Channels WDRC and 12 bands Frequency
  • Directional mic (2 mics) for Directional Hearing
  • Comfortable BTE Model, Easy to Use
  • Tiny Size, Invisible Behind the Ear
  • Nearly Invisible When Worn in The Ear Canal
  • Fits Ear Canal Nicely Without Discomfort
  • Easy to Use Up and Down Volume Buttons
  • Low Battery Warning Frequency Controls for Unique Environments Normal/Everyday Frequencies
  • Noise Reduction Frequencies Feedback Control
  • Fully Digital, Noise Filtering and Cancelling Technology Bluetooth enabled

Sync the hearing aids to your phone via Bluetooth to easily access more programming options. With the APP, you can control your different listening environments from your smart phone, you can adjust the volume or other functions. To download the app, simply search "Control HA App" in the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store. See the App Instruction Manual for more details.

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