Hearing Aids BTE-OE for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

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This Hearing Aids BTE-OE fit for mild to moderate level of hearing loss with affordable price.It was designed for people who struggle to understand soft speech, have difficulty hearing conversation over distances or difficulty understanding in noisy environments.


  • Intended for Mild to Severe Hearing Loss
  • Comfortable BTE Model, Easy to Use
  • New class-D amplifier /Low currency consumption
  • Low Sound Distortion
  • Easy to Use Up and Down with Roller
  • Low Battery Warning Frequency Controls for Unique Environments Normal/Everyday Frequencies
  • Low Battery Warning, Low Power Consumption.

The hearing aid with open dome ear tips deliver sound clearly without putting unnecessary pressure on the ear canals. Without audiologist helps, just take the device out of the box, and it's ready to use. The hearing aid has volume control and a memory switch to allow you to switch between listening modes.

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